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Financial Freedom Trading Course Trading Dashboard Performance Tracker

Freedom Trading Course

Market. Mindset. Mastery.

What is it?

A unique and systemized approach to trading forex. Learn about the markets, develop your mindset, and achieve mastery within the markets to fulfill your dreams.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for people who want to take themselves to the next level and become a consistently successful trader while achieving inner peace.

How does it work?

You watch the step by step video course, use the trading dashboard and tools to implement our signature method, and see the change take place.

Here is what you get


Get access to the full video library covering Technical Analysis, Price Action Trading, Elliott Wave, Reversal and Continuation pattern, Support and Resistance & so much more!


Combine the powerful tools in our signature method to be one step ahead. Successfully trade with confidence and emotional balance to achieve your own financial freedom. 


Condition yourself for the necessary traders’ mindset. Learn to trade in possibilities and probabilities. Get behind sabotaging yourself and master the psychological aspect of trading.

Price Action

Learn to read the price action provided by the charts and not rely on lagging indicators. Execute and manage your trades on the rawest information the market provides.

Elliott Wave

Identify market phases and learn to anticipate the impulsive moves. The Powerful Elliott Wave Theory correctly applied will transform your trading.

Process and Routine

Use our Trading Dashboard and Performance Tracker Tools to systemize and accelerate your trading. Evolve in your processes and see the transformation take place.

As a Financial Freedom Trading Member, you’ll get access to the full library of videos, strategies and tools that helped people like you transform their trading.

You will learn about:​

Financial Freedom Trading Course Trading Dashboard Performance Tracker

Learn about the markets, develop your mindset, reach mastery.

Trading Dashboard and Freedom Trading Academy Performance Tracker

The Trading Dashboard

Get Access to the Freedom Trading Academy, your Dashboard for planning, managing, and reviewing your trades.

Work through the checklist before opening a position and journal your trades with the predesigned template. Review your week’s performance and capture your state of mind and lessons learned.

Performance Tracker

Tracking your performance is elemental in trading. Only what is measured can be improved. Use the performance tracker to record your trades, get detailed information about your percentage increase or simply have a look at your average winning position and other metrics.

Performance Dashboard Trader Tracker

Combining these tools and implement the processes will greatly improve your performance.

Build upon your learnings week by week and see your trading and life change.

Freedom Trading Course: it not only teaches you how to be a successful technical trader but implement processes, develop your mindset, and achieve mastery.


Learn the complete methodology suitable for all levels. From technical analysis, Price Action Trading, Multi-timeframe analysis, and Elliott Wave Theory to applicable strategies for various financial markets. Use multiple management techniques to systematically move through the markets.


Get to know yourself as a trader. Analyze your past performance, expand your mind and learn about the psychological aspect of trading. Reflect on your experience and implement the learnings. Developing a trader’s mindset is key in successfully trading the markets.


Focus on consistency and crafting your skill. Define your trading style and experience peak performance.
Achieving mastery through acting on your trading plan while having confidence and peace of mind. Fulfill your potential step-by-step and create your life.


The Freedom Trading Course is not for everyone.

It will be perfect for you, if:

  • You do not want to rely on anyone else, like a signal provider, anymore.
  • Are willing to become the asset in your financial education.
  • Looking for a successful and consistent approach to trade forex.
  • Committed to put in the hours and learn about the market and yourself.
  • You are at a point where you’re ready to level up in life.

Yes it is! Freedom Trading Course is 100% online at this point in time. You can access all of the content from your laptop or phone anywhere in the world!

You get the complete video course with 40+ 4K video lessons totalling over 15 hours.
Learn the complete methodology, not only covering the basic and advanced technical analysis concepts, but strategies applicable to various financial markets. The later modules focus on analyzing performance, helping you develop your trader’s mindset and crafting your skill.

You also get the Trading Dashboard where you can access the Trading Journal, do your Daily Checklist and Weekly Review or capture memorable moments of your trading.
The Performance Tracker will analyze all important metrics to help you stay on track and accelerate in the markets.

No. Everything is included that we offer. There are zero surprise fees. We also don’t like the frustrating feeling to pay for extra services. Everything we’ve listed for you is included in the program.

We teach a proven method to accelerate in the markets and achieve great results. We cannot however guarantee your success. As with many great things in life, it comes down to the effort and determination you put it. If you are willing to work on yourself and put in the necessary hours of learning, you will see great progress.

No. These are all original and nowhere else published modules, strategies and tools exclusively crafted for Freedom Trading Members.

We have a strong focus on the foreign exchange market (forex), however our strategies and techniques are based on technical analysis, mainly Price Action Trading which can be applied to various financial markets.

Freedom Trading Course

Step-by-Step Video Lessons
199 One-Time
  • 40+ 4K Video Modules
  • Price Action and Elliott Waves
  • Trading Dashboard and Tools
  • Mindset Training
  • Signature Method

Market. Mindset. Mastery.